Przelewy 24 : Payment methods on the Internet – a handful of information

Modern e-commerce calls for emergence of new solutions in the sector of online payments. Today, customers buying via the Internet have a number of innovativepayment methodsat their disposal. Which of them are chosen most often? Which are the most trusted? And finally: how much do online payments cost? Here is a handful of useful information.

Time counts

In the past, when you paid for purchases made over the Internet, you were aware that the transaction would take at least a few days. That was the time that passed from the moment you clicked the „buy now” button until the postman knocked on your door. Today, thanks to modern payment methods, transactions are effected instantaneously and often customers receive the purchased products on the following day.

Modern payment methods

Instantaneous transactions are possible thanks to fast online transfers, effected through online payment gateways fully integrated with banking systems. This allows customers to quickly and conveniently pay for their purchases. Transfer deatils are provided automatically and customers do not have to enter them manually. The buyer only needs to log in and enter an authentication code on his bank’s website. As a result, the order will be paid for immediately, and the seller will not have to wait with the processing of the order for a traditional money transfer to be posted. Also, more and more customers use BLIK, which enables even faster and easier payments. The customer generates a BLIK code in the mobile app of his bank, enters the code into thepayment system and authenticates with his PIN.

Other payment methods

It is still possible to pay for purchases on the Internet with traditional transfers. However, the order is then processed longer – the seller must wait for the transfer to be posted. For this reason, many people give up this method of payment. Less and less often do they decide to pay by credit cards, too. The method may not lengthen the transaction time but requires transfer details to be entered manually.

Payments and trust

Customers typically use payment methods they trust the most. It is not surprising then, that they are more and more willing to choose payments by BLIKand fast online transfers, which are not only convenient but also safe.

How much do online payments cost?

An undeniable advantage of fast online payments and payments by BLIK is the lack of charges for buyers. The cost of the payment gateway service is on the seller, and it is usually 1.5 – 3% of the transaction value.

Modern payment methods allow effecting transactions instantaneously. As a result, the seller will receive the payment, and the customer will receive the purchased goods much faster. At the same time, online payments are safe and very convenient – to make a payment, the customer does not have to leave the house, fill in the transfer details or queue at the post office. What is more, the payment methods are still evolving and beingimproved to meet the needs and expectations of sellers and customers.