Przelewy 24 : Shopping online – how to make it quick and safe?

Internet shopping – endless possibilities.

Sitting comfortably on your couch, you may view offers from thousands of Polish and foreign shops or platforms: clothes, shoes, accessories, housing equipment or toys. Even though at present native e-shops are most popular, more and more Polish Internet users fill their carts on foreign websites. What to remember in order to safely make purchases over the Internet, and why are fast transfers a great payment method?

Safety: check opinions on the e-shop and the e-seller

57% of respondents consider the opinions about an e-shop as crucial when making purchase decisions.  Good experiences of other buyers build seller’s credibility, so before you place your order, read through the comments. It is also good to check if the company that runs the e-shop really exists, and if company details from available sources match those presented on the website. It is worth looking at how the website works, if it’s up-to-date, and if it offers online payments.  If not, then maybe a fast transfer is the solution?


Safety: read item descriptions and track prices

Before adding an item to the cart, carefully read its description to be sure of its authenticity and quality. Fakes are not scarce on the Internet, so it is important to carefully examine photos of items and track prices by means of search engines. If the price is too low compared to other offers, it is better not to make the purchase.

Convenience: use mobile applications

For 87% of respondents, 24-hour availability of e-shops and online services is the greatest advantage of online shopping. How to achieve maximum convenience when buying products? Install a mobile application of your favourite platform or e-shop on your smartphone and get access to the current offer anywhere, anytime. If the seller has no application, there is a good chance that his site has been adjusted to mobile devices and you will be able to use your phone to order selected products, then pay for them traditionally, through the website or using a fast transfer.

Convenience: pay by fast transfers

When you add products to your shopping cart, order completion and payment should take an instant. Online payment systems offer instant transfers. The customer must only choose his bank and go to the login page to authenticate the transaction. Some operators also offer fast transfers, i.e. transfers of funds to the recipient’s account within 30 minutes from the moment of payment authentication. When to use this option? – In older generation online shops that require paying for purchases by a traditional bank transfer and ship the order only after they receive the funds in their account.

Using online stores is a convenient way of shopping. It’s worth following a few simple rules to make online shopping fast and – above all – safe. After all: „Money does not bring happiness. But shopping does.”