Wirecard CEE : How can you boost your conversion rate (Tips and tricks to avoid abandoned shopping carts)

PrestaShop offers a direct integration of the Wirecard CEE payment interface and also a shop plugin, therefore it is very easy to integrate the payment solution into your online shop. After everything is finished, it’s essential to provide all necessary product information for you potential customers in order to make some sales.
In some cases online merchants forget to test their whole shopping process including the checkout process and sometimes there are some bugs or things which are not clear to the customer. In worst case, the potential customer gets to little information or he gets confused and leaves the shop.


At this point you should have a closer look at your shopping and payment process in order to avoid purchase cancellations. In this article we give you essential tips how to increase your conversion rate and sales and avoid abandoned shopping carts.



Compare the home page of your online shop with a stationary shop window. For example: If you enter a supermarket or a boutique, you definitely want to know how you can pay there. Most of the time, you will find some credit card logos or logos of alternative payment methods directly on the shop window.


Show your customer on your home page, which options he has to pay in your online shop too. It is advisable to place the payment methods in the upper part of the home page. Therefore, the potential customers knows if his or her preferred payment method is available in your online shop.



Ideally, you will find details about every payment method on an extra site as well as information about shipping.


Shipping costs, extra fees and taxes often incur when making a purchase. Communicate these additional costs right from the start and not only during checkout. Failing to do so will annoy consumers!



Online shoppers like to inform themselves in detail about the products before they buy. Therefore, it is necessary to provide all essential product specifications. Product images are a must and the product description should be as transparent as possible for the buyer.



The entire order process has to be structured logically for the customer. The upcoming steps should be shown – for example by a progress bar (step 1 – step 2 – step 3). Mandatory fields in forms should be clearly marked.



It is also recommended, that the checkout process is transparent to the customer, so that he feels comfortable during the whole process. It is essential that the range of payment methods fits to the defined target group. By attaching the payment logos, the customer gets a better overview of payment possibilities.


The more clicks the consumer has to make during the checkout process, the greater the chance the consumer will complete the purchase. Simplify the checkout process and reduce the fields to be filled out to the most important points.



More than half of the search requests are already made via a mobile device. Your website and your online shop should be optimized therefore for mobile, so that all your pages on the smartphone are displayed in the best possible way.


Earn the trust of your target group and place quality seals in your online shop. These indicate that people can securely place an order and pay in your shop.



More valuable and detailed tips can be found in the whitepaper of Wirecard CEE.




  • Wirecard CEEhas been operating as a payment service providersince 2000 and passes on its know-how to their online merchants.
  • The company offers the latest technologies in cashless payment processing. The 360° payment service ranges from online, offline and mobile to loyalty, couponing and mobile point of sale (POS) solutions. Wirecard CEE has the right payment solution for every business:
    • Online shop
    • Order by telephone, fax, e-mail
    • Stationary shop
    • Mobile Shopping App
  • Within the Wirecard Group, the Wirecard Bank has a full-bank license, which enables to offer the merchants a „collecting model”. This collecting model makes it possible to accept individual payment methods such as credit and debit cards, SOFORT and iDeal through a single contract.

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